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Bebe 2 Changing Station
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Finally, a beautiful, clean design with extra functions in a changing table. The natural ply ends provide the simple yet strong structure for wide surface, and the covered cabinets. And for all the extra diapers, wipes, and pads, the trundle underneath will hold them until they are needed, and roll them out when ready.


Natural Baltic Birch Ply and White non-toxic-painted MDF Doors and Rolling cart

(inches, unless specified)
19d x 34w x 36h; top: 18d x 33w



Wood finishes may vary from color and grain shown in image sample. This item cannot be shipped to Canada, AK or HI. Due to the weight of this item, shipping is only available to ground floor addresses. Call 800-483-5643 if ground floor delivery is not an option and you wish to order this product. May take 2 weeks.

Price: ON SALE! $899.00 $399.00
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