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  Hosu Lounge w Ottoman
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  Millbrae 1 Seat Bench
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  ConnectMe Chair
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  Puzzle Chair
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  Fatboy Metahlowski
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  2013 Bumbleride Flite
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  Sled Desk
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  Campfire Paper Table
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  Stonewashed Fatboy
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  Original Fatboy
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  Hide-n-Sit Armchair
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  Stonewashed Fatboy Junior
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  MyPetLamp - Piggy
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  MyPetLamp - Duckling
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  Junior Fatboy
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  Alight Lounge
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  Headdemock Cover
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  MyPetLamp - HoweePup
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  MyPetLamp - TerriBear
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  Buoy Seating
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  Stonewashed Fatboy Point
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  EVA Minis (2)
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Nester Stacking Boxes
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Like Russian nesting dolls the Nester Boxes fit inside of each other for easy transport and shipping. The small footprint also cuts down on the amount of packaging needed for shipping. Each box is finely crafted in molded ply creating simple and versatile storage. They can be used stacked for book storage or if used as singles they can function as small tables.


Sold only in sets of 4

(inches, unless specified)
15d x 46h x 15w when stacked

Outside dimensions from largest to smallest:
  • 14d x 15.5w x 15h
  • 13d x 14.125w x 13h
  • 12.125d x 12.75w x 10.75h
  • 11.125d x 11.275w x 8.75h



This item cannot be shipped to Canada, AK or HI.

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Price: ON SALE! $449.00 $249.00
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